Women's Wellbeing Hypnotherapy



When we are faced with real danger, our fight or flight response is activated. This is our brain's way of making sure we respond

Confidence &

Using hypnosis, I can help you recognise the skills and resources you already have and create new positive beliefs.


Trauma can be an individual event or multiple events over months or years. How a person processes trauma is individual, and other factors come into play

Fears & Phobias

Phobias are extremely common and are an irrational and excessive fear of a situation, object or place, provoking anxiety or avoidance.

Menopause Relief

The Menopause relief programme is a 4-week programme to help you reduce the intensity of menopause symptoms.

Alcohol Reduction

Hypnotherapy alcohol reduction can help you gain control and reframe your relationship with alcohol.

Virtual Gastric Band

The virtual gastric band is a 4-week programme that focuses on changing your mindset about food.

Smoking Cessation

By Identifying and resolving your subconscious beliefs about smoking, i can help you to be a non-smoker.


I am Hannah an analytical hypnotherapist and menopause wellbeing mentor

I believe that every client is unique, and I listen and tailor each session to you. I promise to be there for you every step of your journey, and I hold a safe, judgement-free space for you.

Each of us will experience hypnotherapy in our own unique way. During your hypnotherapy, I will be led by you as we work with your individual personality and life experiences.

Our past experiences influence where we are now, but we don’t have to be held back by them. I will help you to overcome current issues and move forwards.

Life can give us twists and turns at various times, and I will be here for you now and if you should need my help again in the future.

I can help you get your sparkle back and shine brightly from the inside out.

My therapy room is based in Blackawton between Totnes and Dartmouth.

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Additional Support

I have free resources in my private facebook group; Women's mindset and wellbeing.

To join please follow the link and I look forward to seeing you in the group.


Analytical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy works by working directly with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the emotional, creative part of our mind. I will help you achieve a trance level to create a heightened state of internal focus. As all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, you create this level of trance by following the guidance of my voice. No one can force you into a trance state.

This level of internal focus allows your subconscious to be receptive to new ideas, suggestions, and the analytical techniques I use as a professional hypnotherapist. Together we work on reprogramming outdated subconscious beliefs and patterns of behaviours that are no longer serving you.

As you will discover, hypnotherapy can help in many ways. 

Helping you move forwards.

I specialise in helping women who feel weighed down and lost by their lived experiences. This can be the result of but is not limited to:

Childhood experiences

Unhealthy coping mechanisms (emotional eating, *Alcohol, shopping)


Negative or limiting beliefs


Confidence/low self-esteem


Menopause Transition

Free Consultation

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I have tried and failed so many times to give up smoking with hypnotherapy, pills, vape etc, for over 35 years - One session with Hannah and I have cracked it :) 6 months down and so confident that I'm never going back to it. I highly recommend Hannah's technique and style.