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Weight Loss

Hypnosis for weight loss.

Depending on your individual needs, we will work together to devise a weight loss plan to incorporate working with your subconscious beliefs about food. At the same, we will discuss nutrition and eating to balance your glucose levels and hormones. Working on both areas, we can help you change your eating patterns and understand why your body needs the right fuel to keep you healthy and fit.

One of the ways I can help you is by using the virtual gastric band.


Working with your subconscious mind, we can work with those deep-rooted beliefs surrounding food and, at the same time, train your subconscious mind to imagine there is a band around the top part of your stomach. Creating a small pouch. This means you feel satisfied quicker and on smaller amounts of food. Clever right? 

Gastric band hypnotherapy aims to "reprogram" your mind with fresh, new beliefs that give you more control over your mindset around food. The fantastic thing is this isn't a diet. So, there are no feelings of deprivation, cheat days, or sins. You get to eat healthy, nutritious foods that your body can thrive on while enjoying your favourite foods in smaller portions.


You will be given an MP3 to listen to for 28 days in the first session. The audio is personalised to you and backs up the work we do in the face-to-face sessions. 

Each session is tailored to your personal eating style and the foods you find unhelpful in helping you lose weight.



Is the virtual gastric band safe?


Unlike gastric band surgery, the virtual gastric band is 100% safe. There's no recovery period, and it won't harm your mind or body. In fact, you will find you have more confidence and control in your decision-making once you have the sessions. The fantastic thing about hypnotherapy is that it can positively affect other areas of your life. Many clients report having Improved motivation, sleep, and confidence. 

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