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Client Stories

The client stories below have been shared with permission and names have been changed.

Sally's Story

I’d been on medication for depression and anxiety for 10 years, in that time my dose had been decreased and increased and decreased and increased. A couple of times I’d tried to come off it, doing it slowly and controlled. Both times I’d hit a wall that made me think ‘I’m just one of those people who has to be on medication forever, that’s fine, it’s the way I’m made’.

6 months later knowing that the medication I was on isn't recommended to be taken long term (it is advised not to take them for more than 6 months and I was pushing 11 years!!) I tried to wean off them again.

This is when I first approached Hannah, I had no idea if hypnotherapy would be for me. I was coming off of the medication very very slowly but was still getting that feeling that it just wasn’t going to work and I’d cave and start upping the dose again.

Hannah was amazing, the way she explained everything just made sense. I was instantly put at ease and felt comfortable, she oozes empathy.

She explained that it could a while for my body to fully recover and repair from taking the medication. There would be ‘waves’ and ‘windows’. Windows of feeling ok and the waves were when I felt like poop. Hannah explained the windows will eventually get longer and the waves shorter. For a long time, the waves were definitely the more prominent. The number of times I said ‘I’m riding a wave Hannah’ was very frequent!

With no pressure to commit to hypnotherapy sessions, I met with Hannah for an initial session to see if it was for me. I had absolutely no idea what to expect and I can assure you it is nothing like what they show on TV.

It is hard to explain, but I came out of every session with a sense of relief, feeling uplifted and lighter.

During sessions although I feel deeply relaxed and in the moment I know that if I wanted to I could just open my eyes and be back in the present moment. But to be honest, mostly I wanted the sessions to last longer. I did always notice a drop in body temperature, which not everyone gets, I just had a scarf or blanket over me before starting the session to keep me warm. During the sessions, Hannah would ask me to visualise situations, some fictional some not. It was amazing what memories would pop up during the sessions, things I hadn’t realised had impacted my life but here they were in the forefront of my mind and Hannah would help me let them go.

The sessions were focused on what I was struggling with at that moment; confidence, anxiety, happiness, coping with daily life. It’s not a cure but a new way of looking at things and giving you ways to cope with situations.

The anxiety hasn’t gone away but I’m better equipped to flick it away before it takes hold, putting me in control of it rather than it of me.

It has not been easy and it has been a long ride of windows and waves but I’m now at the point where the windows are longer than the waves and I feel better than just ok. I still get the waves, as that is life and no one doesn’t have the waves, you just have to ride it out and think about how good the windows are.

I’ve now been off of the medication for about 20 months, whoop whoop, and I’m finally feeling like the end is close, very close. I’m no longer the ice queen with no emotions, emotions that had been totally suppressed by medication for years and years.

Without Hannah’s help I know I would still be on the medication and for that I will be eternally grateful. Thanks, Hannah for listening, understanding and just being you.

I recommend Hannah’s hypnotherapy to everyone and if you’re not sure if it’s for you have one session and go from there, I’m very confident you’ll be booking the next session there and then.


(name has been changed for privacy. Shared with permission)

Cathy's Story

I had reached “that age”, and just when I needed more love, support and understanding, I found that every ounce of my emotional energy was needed by my family.

I was trying to stay fit and healthy and not be overwhelmed by the realisation that I was changing. When I was at my most vulnerable, I had to be the strongest I have ever been.

Spontaneous joy, self-confidence and the power of recall became illusive.

This left me vulnerable to subconscious activity, which led to me developing an unwanted and debilitating habit. An uncontrollable, obsessive behaviour that my subconscious provided as my safety blanket.

I couldn’t overcome it alone, and a friend suggested hypnotherapy.

Hannah listened with care and empathy. Her calm and gentle nature immediately allowed me to relax. She listened without judgement and thoughtfully made sense of my situation.

Her consideration and respect for my mental well-being, along with her ability to succinctly put into words what was happening to me, created an instant bond of trust, and with grateful thanks, relieved me of my habit.

Hannah instinctively uses her natural gifts sympathetically and professionally to help you find a resolution and readjust behaviours and feelings.

I know that I can honestly say to anyone who might be struggling that Hannah will be able to help.

(name has been changed for privacy. Shared with permission)

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