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Helen (Plymouth)

“Your sessions have really helped me, and very much continue to. Especially in these strange old times.
But way before covid, after my first session I could not believe how much better I felt. You have helped get me through a difficult time.
I truly feel hypnotherapy reduced my recovery time and enabled me to carry on.
You explain things well and have the perfect calming voice.
Thanks Hannah” 😀

Anonymous (Dartmouth)

Happy mother's day Hannah - thank you so much for all the support this last year! You have helped me regain control of my feelings and emotions and life feels so much more manageable than it was this time last year when I first contacted you. Thank you so so much - you are an amazing hypnotherapist. Hope you are having a lovely day with all your babies who can be with you xx

JH (Dartmouth)

Hypnotherapy with Hannah was excellent. She is kind and non-judgemental, and really committed to supporting and guiding you to better understand yourself and what is causing the issue. Within a few sessions I was able to take my dog for a walk without fear or panic. This is an issue I have been dealing with for the last three years and dog walking is something I thought I would never be able to do again without panic. It has had such a positive impact on my stress and anxiety levels in many areas of my life. Hannah has equipped me with tools to deal with anxiety and stress going forward in a far healthier way and the therapy sessions have had a life changing impact.

Anonymous (Paignton)

After suffering several bouts of anxiety and depression over nearly 30 years, with my last bout leading me to doubt my sanity, I was put in touch with Hannah. Since my sessions with Hannah, I have gained inner peace, happiness, clarity and am no longer angry (I realise I was so angry).

I am now excited about my future, and my only regret is that I hadn’t done this sooner.

Andrea (London)

I had travelled down all avenues seeking help with my panic disorder, nothing seemed to work! One day I saw a post from Hannah so I thought, well I’ve tried everything else what’s the harm in giving Hypnotherapy a chance.

My journey began soon after I contacted Hannah and all I can say is by the third or fourth session I no longer needed my weighted anxiety blankets on my bed, I felt amazing and just ‘different’ (like I could actually understand why I was having them and finally take on the panic attacks ..and win!) I am now forever grateful to Hannah and can go to places with my children that were just sad wishes in the past.

Hannah’s voice is so calming and reassuring and she truly is a remarkable lady who’s definitely found her calling in life.

Thank you Hannah for everything!!!!! I can’t recommend you enough. So to anyone reading this review, please just give it a try, I think you’ll find it the best choice you’ve ever made.


Anonymous (South Hams)

I cannot believe that after only two sessions of hypnotherapy I have answers to questions which I have not found in years of counselling. Hannah is very professional, has an individual approach and tailored the treatment specifically to my needs. 

The result - I feel calm, happier within and more connected to my friends and family. I cannot thank you enough xx

LS (Totnes)

I absolutely loved my hypnotherapy sessions with Hannah. I came along with a complex array of areas that I wanted to work on, and Hannah expertly guided me to focus in on the area which would most positively impact my life. I felt totally looked after and relaxed during each session, and I know that the progress that I made during our time together and over the months since has been because of the sessions we had together. If you’re thinking of having hypnotherapy sessions, then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hannah - she’s a wonderful therapist with a special gift for this work!