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Menopause and Life Changes

The Menopause is a time of change for a woman and can also coincide with children leaving the nest, going back to work or being promoted. Taking care of elderly family. 

Very often women come to see me because they feel lost and can't put their finger on why they feel the way they do. Old childhood trauma can start to resurface and unexplained anxiety starts creeping in. One of the most common anxieties I see is anxiety about driving. 

Hypnotherapy can help with:

  • Hot flushes

  • Night Sweats

  • Brain Fog

  • Anxiety

  • Low Mood

  • Insomnia

  • Fatigue



By helping your mind relax and working with the imaginative, emotional part of your mind, you can reduce the symptoms and change your response to certain stimuli. Balancing you emotionally and taking control of menopause so you feel empowered.

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