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You can save money and lose weight with hypnotherapy. Yes really!!

With the cost of living crisis prominent in the news and all of us having to tighten our belts, why would you consider having hypnotherapy to lose weight and save money?

It may seem counterintuitive to spend money on a therapy programme to save money. Still, with the rising cost of living, it doesn't mean our desires will disappear. We still want to lose weight and feel good about ourselves when we try a new pair of jeans on. We may dream of booking a weekend away for our anniversary and wearing that dress we've had our eye on.

Losing weight the traditional way costs money. You have to buy low-fat products, which cost the earth compared to the original products. You may end up signing up for a weekly weigh-in programme. Feeling deprived because you really want to be able to eat the foods you enjoy and within a few weeks, finding you have lost momentum because it feels like hard work and very dull.

Signing up for my Virtual Gastric Band programme can save you money in the long run, and here's why;

The programme is designed to help you make permanent mindset changes around food.

It isn't a diet. You can carry on eating the foods you enjoy, just less of them. It focuses on you feeling satisfied with smaller amounts of food and no snacking. This is where the money saving comes in. Cutting down on your portion size means you can cook less food and save money or cook the same amount but save some for lunch or dinner the next day. Cutting out snacks means you can stop buying all those extras you don't really need.

When you do your food shop this week, calculate which products you are buying for snacking on. Times that amount by 52 and divide by 12. How much, on average, are you spending on snacks each month?

Now do the same with your lunch and dinner. How much money with you save by eating less food at each meal?

I did a quick google search, and people who have Bariatric surgery estimate they eat a quarter of what they used to eat. Some say they are saving £120 a month on their food bill.

Here's the thing; bariatric surgery costs upwards of £3200 and doesn't target the mindset around food and weight.

My 4–6-week programme costs £260- £390, with most people spending on average £260. We focus on your specific issue around food. Any limiting beliefs you have about food and your weight loss success.

For example, if you find it hard to leave food on your plate because, as a child, you were told not to leave food. We would work directly on updating your beliefs and strategies to help you not waste food.

The virtual gastric Band programme focuses on updating old, outdated beliefs. Changing your mindset around food and focusing on how you want to feel and look going forwards. Signing up for the programme not only helps you to become the size and shape you want to be, but it also helps you to save money. What isn't there to love about it?

To learn more about how I can help you lose weight and save money, contact me for an initial consultation.

I look forward to working with you.

P.s What will you be doing, and where will you be going with the money you save?


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